new [dunkelbunt] release “Schlawiener” out on april 23

The pioneer producer of all things electro swing and Balkan beats delivers his new song “Schlawiener“: [dunkelbunt] takes the mic himself, rapping about Vienna the way he sees it… and his life as a traveller & jetlag junkie. This limited edition release (only 300 copies!) comes in white vinyl and includes a bonus CD.

Click here to order your copy of this super limited edition – there are just 300 copies on sale.

Fore more information and current tour dates check the [dunkelbunt] website:

Gilles Peterson presents Havana Cultura – Remixes

Vinyl only remixes by Rainer Trüby, SoulBrigada and Yana Heinstein for Gilles Peterson’s first Havana Cultura album. This limited edition vinyl (300 copies) features the winner of GP’s remix contest and – sugar on top – an unreleased remix edit by Rainer Trüby (co-produced by Danilo Plessow aka Motor City Drum Ensemble).

New Remix Album by 7 Samurai

On “El Otro Mundo” 7 Samurai present some new remixes. There will be a limited vinyl edition (100 units), consisting of 3 7-inches and also a digital edition. Buyers of the 7″ package get the digital edition free on top.  Both editions will be availabe on 9th of September. Get an impression now by listening to this :
7 Samurai – El Otro Mundo by ChristianPoetsClub

New JEN EP – Night After Night on ideedeluxe

JEN – NIGHT AFTER NIGHT EP by ideedeluxe records

[dunkelbunt] presents “Sun Dub Vol. 2″ CD / LP / MP3

Ulf Lindemann aka [dunkelbunt] surely counts among the most influential global beat troubadours of the early 21st century. With „Sun Dub Vol. 2“ [dunkelbunt] happily escapes from within the boundaries of all things „balkan/gypsy“ in order to finally present the entire [dunkelbunt] universe: from electro swing and oriental dub via mestizo and tarantella over to nu asian sounds and back, Mr. Lindemann explores the fine art of setting the dancefloor on fire by dropping the nicest grooves and at the same time providing pretty laid back excitement.
Think a wide variety of rare (maybe almost forgotten) tracks, exclusive edits and as-of-yet unreleased remixes (a.o. courtesy of Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar, Stefano Miele, Shazalakazoo, !Dela Dap, Malente, Eastenders & Bajka and of course [dunkelbunt] himself) because that’s just how the man rolls… in the mix, that is.


[dunkelbunt] Tourdates 2011:

01.07. Bozen (IT) Folxfest – LIVE
02.07. Luxemburg (LUX) ME YOU ZIG – LIVE + DJ SET
09.07. Flensburg (D) Kühlhaus – LIVE
16.07. St. Gallen (CH) Kulturfestival – LIVE
12.08. Hamburg (GE) MsDockville Festival – LIVE
13.08. Boom Town Fair Festival (UK) LIVE + DJ SET
27.08. Sol Festival (ESP) LIVE + DJ SET

New album: “Howling Dogs & Lost Souls” by Zilverzurf

After more than 30 years of musical projects like scoring films for a.o. Henning Mankell as well as providing riddims for Lee ‚Scratch’ Perry and of travelling the globe in search of the silence between the musical notes, Zilverzurf has finally arrived at home. And is now inviting you in to share his lovely conclusions crowned by the ultra sensual voice of Zilverzurf’s charismatic daughter Lykke Li… so move closer to the fireplace and open your ears and heart, because you are in for a real treat!

Poets Club releases at Daily Records

The latest releases of Poets Club Rec. & ckp are available on the new online record store

[dunkelbunt] & Cloud Tissa – Kebab Connection

ckp207_dunkelbunt_kebab_72dpi„Kebab Connection“ is [dunkelbunt]´s exclusive contribution for his recently released “Sun Dub“-compilation on Poets Club Records. “Kebab Connection“ is inspired by the theme of the same-titled German movie and pure Balkan-Dancehall madness, featuring the Ragga MC Cloud Tissa on vocals.

This remix package includes [dunkelbunt]´s own „Kedub“-remix that turns the song into a more sophisticated track, a „folkstep“-remix by Serbian laptop wizards Shazalakazoo and more mixes by Hungarian top notch DJ´s Savages y Suefo and UK´s finest Forty Thieves Orkestar. Plus: The instrumentals of the Club Edit & all the remixes!
Find “Kebab Connection” on itunes, beatport, musicload or  soulseduction (mp3 192/320k & wav-files)!

New Egotrip release & Kieser.Velten download special

ckp209_cover_72dpiWorking on sound and production as part of Kieser.Velten (on G-Stone and Poets Club Records) since the late 90s, Oliver Kieser developed his unique deep and groovy space of sound. This led to the birth of his solo project Egotrip.
“Shanty Boogie“ is the first release of his solo joint, as funky and groovy as hell track for the dancefloors.

Get an Kieser.Velten download special incl. the 3 EPs “Showdown” (G-Stone) and “Vital Signs” (Poets Club Rec.) by Kieser.Velten as well as the new Egotrip single “Shanty Boogie” (ckp) and pay the price of 2 instead of 3 EPs on


Vic Fin – Egyptian Reggae EP

pcd004vicfin-cover_klein“Egyptian Reggae” by Vic Fin brings the skankin’ groove with an oriental flavour to our hearts, souls and directly to our feet: Relaxed music with enough drive to rock the dancefloor. Vic Fin´s “Egyptian Reggae“, was first released on the Poets Dub”-compilation celebrating 10 years of Poets Club Records in reggae-dub style. Also the great “Respect” by Vic Fin contributed to this anniversary release. On top this EP includes the Incredible VST Band Remix.

download this EP at itunes or musicload & find the Poets Dub Compilation at amazon.

Egyptian Reggae

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